NLE Live Sound and Recording

NLE brings a wealth of knowledge and experience, as well as a quest for perfection to providing sound reinforcement for live events. We've worked in concert halls, festivals, parks, churches, schools, and hotel ballrooms to provide the best possible experience for our listeners as possible.

We have had the privilege to work with many artists over the years. Below is only a partial list of notable clients:

Live Theatre and Show Automation

We have worked with several theatre groups in producing large Broadway-style Musicals and plays. Our experience in this field has allowed us to use cutting-edge technology to produce results that were virtually impossible to achieve with yesterday's technology. Automation can be an excellent way to bring consistent high-quality audio to sequenced shows. Live theatre is a greater challenge, and we rise to the occasion with our combination of technology and experience.

Audio Post-production, Restoration and Archiving

NLE has extensive experience in Non-Linear Editing systems, and through computer processing can restore audio from old Reel and Cassette tapes, creating CDs that may sound better than the original recordings. We've also work with audio-for-film, having been involved with several film projects.

Live Multi-Track Recording

NLE has multiple digital mixing systems that permit multi-track recording to capture live services and events for later mixdown. We have all the necessary splitters and preamps to connect to any existing equipment and professionally record your event, and later mix it down to create a CD master. We have been involved with several CD projects.

Our experience with acoustical analysis and design, equipment design and repair, studio and live recording, and extensive live sound work enables us to help take your audio to the next level. While some of our methods may not be "traditional", neither is our result. Contact us today for your conference, concert, or special event and see why our customers keep coming back!