NLE Design and Consultation

NLE Specializes in High-Intelligibility sound systems for churches and schools. We believe that the spoken word is important, and that an audio system should serve to aide the listener, not hinder them. Many audio systems produce beautiful music, but reproduce difficult-to-understand speech. Some systems are advertised as "Speech Only." We believe a properly-designed system should work well for both music and speech, providing the volume necessary for the intended audience.

We accomplish this by using computer modeling programs that model the behavior of a given system. Many options can be tried using this method, to determine the best speaker system and placement. Install after install, the modeling program has proven itself to be extremely accurate.

Once we have finalized the appropriate speaker design, we can then design the rest of the system around your needs. The result is a quality system that will not need replacing in a few years, but will meet your current and future needs.

A partial list of our clients include:

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Acoustics and Sound Systems in the Contemporary Church. The contemporary church is built around communication - verbal, musical, and emotional - as well as worship. The minister communicates with the congregation by preaching, leading prayers, and announcing church activities. Music attempts to communicate ideas and concepts while it simultaneously enhances the worship experience through emotional involvement. The acoustics of the worship space have a profound effect on all of these functions. This article explains these complex issues in plain English for the non-technically inclined. (Written by Jim Brown, Audio Systems Group)

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