The Ultra Speed Plus OS

The Operating System that should be in every XL/XE computer! The Ultra Speed Plus puts unbelievable speed and convenience at your fingertips. After using it a while, you’ll be spoiled! Charles Cherry in the April ‘89 ANTIC magazine reviewed, "Quite simply, if you don’t have Ultra Speed Plus, you’re using a crippled Atari."

Use any DOS to place Ultra Speed formats on your disks (with XF551 or modified 1050 drives). Now you can read and write at this speed with most programs. This high-speed mode can be turned off for maximum compatibility. Built-in RAMdisk handlers recognize any size (up to 2MB) XE-type memory upgrade. This RAM drive may be treated like a regular disk drive, capable of single or double density operation. Since the handlers are in ROM, most all programs (including sector copiers) see it. This opens up a whole new realm, as you can sector copy a disk into RAM, edit it, and even boot from it. A mini sector copier is built in for easy use.

A configuration menu is built in. This may be used to re-map disk drives to respond to different drive numbers and change the drive number of the RAMdisk.

The memory test routines have been rewritten and test all of the available memory. If a problem is found, the offending bit is displayed. The diagnostic ROM bit on the PIA is not needed so all bits are available for memory upgrade use.

Several key functions have been added: A cold start key (to allow rebooting from any lockup without losing the contents of your RAMdisk), disk I/O sound toggle, screen DMA disable (turn off the screen to increse processing time of slow programs!), internal BASIC toggle, keyboard lock, and screen color toggle. The OPTION key is reversed when booting, so you don’t need to hold it to run machine language programs.

The Ultra Speed Plus module actually contains three operating systems: the Ultra Speed Plus OS, the standard XL/XE OS, and the XL Fix Plus OS. The XL Fix Plus is a 400/800 OS translator in ROM, so you won’t have to boot a translator disk again! It has two modes of operation for maximum compatibility.

Four simple solder connections are required for installation if your machine has a socketed OS ROM. If the OS is not socketed, installation should be done by someone proficient in desoldering. As always, we provide free installation if you send us your computer. The Ultra Speed Plus OS is only $69.95 plus $5 shipping/handling.

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