CSS Support Files

Note: These files are designed to be executed on Atari 8-bit computers.  They will NOT run on your PC!  Larger programs are compressed with ARC, which may be unencoded by SuperUnArc, or PKUNPAK (on your PC).  (PKPAK is the MSDOS utility to create .ARC files, but Squashing mode must be disabled for the files to be able to be read on the unexpanded 8-bit.)

Product: The Black Box

The Black Box HD LOW-LEVEL FORMATTER Program, HDFMT.COM, version 1.93
The Black Box HD HIGH-LEVEL FORMATTER Program, FMTDIR.COM, version 1.4
The Black Box HD PARK Program, PARK.COM, version 1.5

Product: The Floppy Board

The NEW Floppy Board IBM TRANSFER Utility, BBXFER.COM, version 1.9, with ATASCII Doc file or ASCII Doc file
The Archiver/Editor 1.0 Program (for use with the FB, Super Archiver 1050, or Archiver 810)
ALL BB/FB Programs in ARC Format
ALL BB/FB Programs in ZIP Format

Product: The US+ OS

USPRAMD9: Move the RamDisk Drive number to #9

Product: The XF551 Upgrades


Product: Miscellaneous Stuff

FAQ File on Stablizing XL and XE Computers
Bob Puff's SUPERUNARC Unarcing program
SUPERARC, the entire archiving package
DISK COMMUNICATOR, 8-bit Compression/Archiving program for full boot disks
MYDOS 4.50 - Main DOS and Documentation, in Diskcomm Format
BobTerm version 1.21 - Ultimate Atari Terminal Program
MYDOS WHEREIS program, with ATASCII Docs, or ASCII Docs
MYDOS VTOC FIX program, with ATASCII Docs, or ASCII Docs

Product: Source Code

Click HERE for the source code Page

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