The CSS Picture Page!

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This is Bob Puff, the head-cheese of CSS and New Life Electronics.

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This is "Chris-the-Sys", Mr. Assembly and documentation.

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Bob's old Atari Workstation (and messy desk!)

Bob's BBS machine was the 130XE at the top.  Below that is the prototype for the XF upgrades (black 5.25" drive mech)  To the right of that is the prototype 1050 for the Super Archiver/Bit-Writers.  Next down is a spare 130XE, and an old XT that was used to program the special PLD devices we use.  The 800XL at the bottom has lots of specialized mods used to create the different operating systems we used.  To the left is the prototype Super-E burner.  In back of it is the prototype Floppy Board, and behind the 800XL (kind of hard to see) is a highly-modified Black Box used for BB firmware development.


OLDDESK.JPG (49570 bytes)

Here's another view of the desk, also showing the two computers that ran the CSS BBS on the very top.  Notice the Multiplexer Cards sticking out of the 800XLs!

OLDSTORG.JPG (30108 bytes)

This was the master storage for all BBSes and development.  The teeny light-colored drive left of black HD on the top was my development HD.   Unfortunately, a few years ago, it developed a problem in that any sectors it wrote would be bad.  So right now it's a read-only drive!  Unfortunately, some directory sectors are bad, and a good deal of my source code is gone... Sigh..  The next drive (black) is a 200 meg SCSI drive, used for all other storage.  The 15 MEG CMI MFM drve at the right (on top of the 1050) is a spare, used for testing SASI devices.   Under these is the 800XL and Black Box used for the master for the Multiplexer system, to which all this storage is connected.

As of 2001, all this hardware has been disconnected, and moved to the basement.  Time marches on.  No, this equipment will not be available for sale.   Some of it is currently connected in my basement, as the BBSes are still up (hopefully!)